At Cash for cars Sydney we offer a wide range of services to cater your needs and we are here to provide best deals for your vehicles. We buy all kind of cars and pay instant cash of up to $5000 with free pick up but to provide you with more specific information about our services read below.

Cash For Cars Service

Our main service is cash for cars that is buying your unwanted or old vehicle for cash on the spot for up to $5000. The service is quick and fast with experienced and professional team. You can find out more about cash for cars service here.

Scrap Car Removal Service

No wonder why we are the best, At Cash for cars Sydney you can also get rid of your scrap vehicles for cash. Your scrap car can be in any condition make or model as long as in one piece. Our scrap car removal service is absolutely free and there is no charges. Find out more about our scrap car removal service.

Car Disposal and Recycling Service

Cash for cars also offers you car disposal and recycling service throughout Sydney region. When selling an old or junk vehicle most of the time it will go throught the process of recycling. To find out more about our car disposal and recycling service click here.

Car Removal

At Cash for cars we made our car removal service much easier and faster by training our staff to perform safe pick up. We can remove your car from any suburb in all Sydney regions at your convinient time. Our team is using the latest tools and equipment to provide you the best service.