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What documents is required at the time of removal?

We only need your licence during the pickup in order to provide a receipt.

Can I keep the plates?

Yes, we give back the plates and also a receipt to make the disposal process easy for our customers.

How do I get money for my car?

We only pay cash on pick up.

How long does it normally take to remove my car?

Most of the days we are able to remove it within the next 1 to 2 hours, If you call us in the afternoon then, it is most probably we remove it next day morning.

What if my car hasn't got wheels?

Without wheels we cannot pick up the car as we provide only towing trucks.

What sort of price would I get for a Van, Ute, Truck, 4x4 or Suv?

For those sort of car we have special prices which means we pay you up to $4999 and even more. Our prices are based on the type of vehicle.